go organic with our favorite brands!

go organic with our favorite brands!

The word ‘organic’ has become a common word in our daily vocabulary and can be used in various contexts (we know, you had an organic connection with your bestie at first site!)

When it comes to actual physical products however, the word “organic” refers to materials or ingredients that are produced and/or grown according to a defined set of guidelines that ensure they don’t harm the environment. (Check out our blog on this topic for all of the details, with a quick recap below!)

“Organic” of food or farming methods is define as being produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents.1

In order for a product to use “Organic” on their label, it must meet a strict set of standards set by the USDA in order to receive their certification and the permission to use their seal.

Why source organic products? OnlyOrganic.org2 outlines it perfectly:

  1. It helps combat climate change! Organic farming keeps soil healthy and retains photosynthesized carbon dioxide instead of releasing it back into the atmosphere.
  2. Organic food is grown without pesticides – so that’s fewer toxic chemicals you’re consuming!
  3. Organic farming has been found improve the quality of its soil over time3 whereas conventional farming has been found to cause soil erosion, a loss in biodiversity and increased water pollution due to the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.4

 Just like mymuse, here are a few organic brands we love:

  • CORE Foods
    • What you put into your body matters – right to your core. At CORE Foods, they keep it real by using the best, most clean ingredients in their snacks. They also taste great and contain immunity support and probiotics. Shop all of their USDA certified organic, vegan, plant-based snacks now on their site! Our favorite is the Dark Chocolate Cherry Bars – great for a sweet tooth moment with no added sugar.
  • Blue Canoe
    • This organic clothing line is made in the USA and uses cotton and bamboo that are grown without harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers and utilize non-toxic dyes. “Organic cotton farming...has the ability to reduce water consumption by as much as 91 percent. That means it can save up to 218 billion gallons of water! That’s why Blue Canoe makes a point of choosing only organically grown fibers for our clothing.”4 With clothing that is plant-based and organic, you can feel good while you look good. 
  • MadHippie
    • This skincare line is healmed by hippies on a mission to make skincare that’s healthier, happier and brighter. All of their formulas – from cosmetics to sun care to skincare – are naturally-based, effective, housed in bioresin sugarcane tubes and printed labels with soy inks on FSC certified paper. They partner with Terracycle to reduce their carbon footprint and waste and they’re cruelty-free (sign us up!) Check out their Triple C Night Cream- it was a “Best of Natural Beauty 2020” Winner by Better Nutrition.
  • Pangaia
    • This clothing brand became popular during the pandemic for their oversized, matching sweatsuits in a range of colors that took over our feeds (we first noticed them on Kristen Bell!) Their name comes from a combination of “Pan”, all-inclusive, especially in relation to the whole of a continent, racial group or religion and “Gaia”, Mother Earth. Pangaia's clothing is made from bio-based, recycled fibers and innovative materials and combine botanical dyes from natural sources with innovative antibacterial peppermint so they stay fresh for longer. We suggest you check out their hoodies and track pants for a color-coordinated set the next time you want to look extra cool, while feeling super cozy.
  • Dazey LA
    • Self-branded as “clothing for people who care” each Dazey LA piece is uniquely hand-drawn by their founder and handmade-to-order in Los Angeles in small batches to create as little waste as possible. We recommend checking out their 100% certified organic cotton tees, which are so so chic and soft.

mymuse enhanced waters and teas are USDA-certified organic, so while you enjoy our delicious beverages, you’re benefiting from hydrating immunity support (thank you zinc, plus vitamins a, c & e and elderberry!) while living your most organic, healthy life. We recommend you try our enhanced tea and enhanced water variety packs to find your favorite (thank us later!)



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