meet our muses: Isaac

meet our muses: Isaac

Meet Our Muse: Isaac Hindin-Miller!

Isaac Likes You. He really does! Check out our interview with Isaac himself, to learn more about how he came to be a muse who now inspires us and his community!

mymuse: youre a renaissance man! How would you describe yourself and your various artistic outlets?

Isaac: I always say I was a fashion journalist for a decade who couldn’t afford NYC rent on a writer’s salary, so I transitioned to DJing, Instagram, and now TikTok, and I own and run a clothing company called I LIKE YOU!

what are you working on right now?

I’m working on making people laugh on TikTok, DJing whenever possible, collabing with brands on Instagram, and right now at this minute I’m trying to come up with a clever, funny and aesthetically pleasing print to go on the front of a girl’s cropped tank top for I LIKE YOU!.

what are you most excited about right now, work or otherwise?

I’m working on a couple of songs that I’m gonna try to put out in time for summer, and honestly I love making TikTok videos. Whenever I come up with an idea that makes me laugh, I feel like I’m winning.

you are (or have been, not particularly in this order!) a writer, DJ, model, visual artist/content creator and entrepreneur; Can you share your journey?

I started writing for fashion magazines in New Zealand when I was 21, started my own blog Isaac Likes when I was 24, broke a bunch of fashion news stories that got picked up by international publications, …. start(ed) traveling to the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and New York, and I moved to NYC in 2011, started writing for The New York Times, Business of Fashion and GQ, started DJing, started collaborating with brands on Instagram, and then last year during the pandemic I decided I was gonna learn how to make TikTok videos, and here we are today.

regardless of what youre creating, what do you need in order to do your best work?

Silence and time. It’s a really boring answer but I can’t write or come up with ideas or make my videos unless I have silence and space to make mistakes and try things out.

what work do you most enjoy doing?

DJing a party with a ton of people dancing and singing along. It’s the best feeling in the world.

finish this sentence: The world would be a better place if_____

... there were more New Zealanders

what are some sources of inspiration /what inspires you?

My friends. I’m lucky to have amazing creative, talented, clever people around me like (DJ) Amrit, (Nike Master Trainer and Entrepreneur) Kirsty Godso, (Jewelry Designer and Creative Collaborator) Alexander Roth, (Digital Creator & Writer) Denny Balmaceda, (Photographer & Designer) Jeremy Mitchell, (Designer and Entrepreneur) Richard Biedul, (photographer) Jonathon Daniel Pryce, (writer & creator) Chrissy Rutherford, and more, whose work inspires me and who I’m proud to call friends.

who is your muse, or some of your muses?

Kids in the comment section on Tiktok. If you know, you know.

what would you like our community to know about you?


where can we learn more about you?

@isaaclikes_ on IG and Tiktok xxx




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