USDA certified organic

Jessica Qussar @ 2021-03-18 09:50:43 -0700

The Real Deal behind the seal.

Few things are guaranteed in life, but when you see the USDA Organic seal on a food or beverage in the US, you can rest assured that it earned its certification and the right to bear that seal as it is one of the most highly regulated and monitored food system in the US.

Organic farming ensures safe and ethical practices are used and that the land is left better than before. 

In order to bear the USDA Organic seal, strict standards set and maintained by the US government must be followed according to guidelines for soil quality, pest and weed control, farming practices and use of additives. 

Multi-Ingredient items (like mymuse) have additional guidelines that must be adhered to: 

 We’re right to be growing skeptical of descriptions like “all natural”, because they aren’t defined or regulated and leave a lot of grey area for uncertainty.

Keep your eyes peeled for that seal! 



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