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No, we’re not talking about the oldest berries. Despite its name, Elderberry is actually super fresh (picture the album cover for Run DMC’s: Down with the King). Elderberry is one of the most common medicinal plants in the world, used for centuries for its believed healing effects. In Fact, in 400 BC, Hippocrates, the “Father of Modern Medicine” called the elder tree his “medicine chest”. Now, it’s used as a go-to in order to support the immune system, treat the flu, various infections, headaches and toothaches Elderberries are grown all over the world, but the most common type of elderberry...


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When we think of zinc, most of us imagine the thick white mineral sunscreen used by hardcore beachgoers to avoid a burn, but zinc is also an essential mineral our bodies need to function well. In fact, after Iron, Zinc is the second most abundant trace mineral in our bodies and is present in every one of our cells.   Zinc is an antioxidant that is critical to a number of functions that keep us healthy including the development and function of immune cells that keep the immune system strong. Studies have shown that Zinc may reduce the length of the...

organic plant-based sweeteners

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We don’t add any sugar to our drinks… none. ever.  Though, if you’ve tasted mymuse, you know they’re deliciously refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness. That sweet flavor is from two naturally-occurring, plant-based sweeteners that are sugar-free and have no calories:  Organic Stevia and Organic Erythritol. Stevia is a sweet plant from the sunflower family, native to South America, that has been used to sweeten drinks and teas since the 16th century. Stevia is naturally 200-300 times sweeter than table sugar, so a little bit goes a long way.  As a bonus, growing stevia is more sustainable than...

sugar is the boogieman

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We don’t add any sugar to our drinks… none. ever.  While there is 1g of sugar in our Organic Enhanced Waters, that comes from the naturally-occurring sugar in the Organic Coconut Water in those drinks. Why we don’t use sugar as a sweetener:  You may have heard sugar referred to as the new tobacco. While dramatic, the comparison is made because the two have been found to be addictive and not good for you plus there is a lot of corporate interest to keep you coming back for more.  Consuming too much added sugar contributes to a number of health...

vitamin C

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Some say that citrus fruit allowed British to defeat Napoleon in 1815. That’s because in 1747, a Scottish Royal Navy Surgeon named James Lind discovered that lemon juice (and its Vitamin C) cured a common illness among sailors called scurvy that occurred after weeks at sea. Once they had that cure, the British Army had a leg up that allowed them to travel farther and perform longer-term military tactics other armies could not. I know, fun fact. You are now ready for trivia night. Arguably the most popular vitamin, Vitamin C is an antioxidant needed by our bodies for a number...

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